Gourmet Gozleme team

At Gourmet Gozleme, we are a small family business operating from our marquee at events from Far North Queensland to Regional Victoria. You’ll find us at music festivals, exhibitions and shows and local street fairs.

Gozleme stalls are everywhere across Australia but only one Gozleme operator serves you The Best Gozleme Ever … Gourmet Gozleme.

Our customers are our best critics and the most common feedback we get about our Gözleme is that it is “The best Gözleme ever”. We stand behind the quality of the Gözleme we serve and that’s why we offer “The Best Gözleme Ever or Your Money Back” guarantee to our customers.

We set out to be the best Gozleme operator in the nation. And we are!

We are Australia’s original & only Gözleme operator who uses 100% Certified Organic and Sustainable Farming ingredients and 100% Biodegradable and Compostable packaging.

Bringing you the best Gozleme in the business is not easy. Selin and I work hard behind the scenes to ensure each event we cater at is a success. However, the real Stars in our business are the wonderful and highly dedicated team of Turkish ladies who work even harder at preparing each and every Gozleme with True Love.

And the sweetest and most glorious part of our success comes from the support given to us by our two treasures, Suzan and Erol, who travel with us near and far and are always willing to lend a hand when needed.

We’re not the best Gozleme operator in the nation just because we use the best possible ingredients; we’re the best because we have the Best People, the Best Event List, the Best Suppliers and we’re the most professional too.